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About Us

Grand Process Technology is the nation’s leading brand in the semiconductor wet processing equipment industry, founded in 1993. We have branches throughout Taiwan from the North, Central and Southern areas. We were listed on the TSE in 2011 and we are very well known in the technology industry for manufacturing metal etching equipment, and 8/12 inch single wafer cleaning equipment.

Grand Process Technology has a very strong development and design team. We possess more than ten manufacturing process patents, collaborating with Japan, Germany and other countries. From designing and development, automatic system customization, assembly, testing and product initialization to after-sales service, we provide rapid response to your needs and elevate our quality control. We are committed to handling all your wet processing manufacturing.

In addition, Grand Process Technology has invested millions in a top of the line clean room laboratory. We invest tremendous resources to specialize in innovative developments. We have always had a firm grasp on foreseeing the trends within our field and this enables us to gain trust and orders from our clients.

With 20 years of experience, Grand ProcessTechnology is a trust worthy partner. We plan to combine high quality with comprehensive technical service and aim to develop clients in different fields. We will continue to expand our brand value to China and the global market, taking Grand Process to a whole new level.


Company History


A Board of Directors must possess quick decision making and smooth operational ability. Grand Process Technology holds quarterly board meeting in order to audit service and performance management. Furthermore, to insure the investor’s and stakeholder’s rights, we established a commission enabling us to carry out our company’s administration guidelines.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Grand Process Technology believes in Sustainable Management. We strongly believe in practicing corporate social responsibility. Within our company, we value the importance of employee rights, provide a comfortable working environment, adequate training, and enable our employees to maintain a healthy mental balance. We follow LSL specifications. Currently, we have implemented antifouling technology, carbon reduction and set a strict recycling policy. Grand Process Technology donates to charity, continuously giving love and care back to society and creating a positive and kind energy.

In the future, Grand Process Technology will continue to play an important role in reaching out to society taking action and leading the way throughout the years to come.


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Grand Process Technology persists in product quality and provides a total advanced wet process equipment solution for our clients. Through our focus on technology development over the years we have more than 100 patents, ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certification and SEMI-S2 200 International safety regulation certification. All of our products can satisfy our clients’ standards and with our clean room lab we exceed our clients’ expectations. We continuously develop and test advanced processing solutions bringing our quality control and production to even higher levels. With the recognition of our partners and international certifications, we step into the future to become the leading brand in the high-tech processing industry. 

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